Family History – Trees, branches and even tiny twiglets!

November 6, 2009

My hobby for the past 12 years has been family history and as I progress I get even more enjoyment from delving into the history of my family than I did at the beginning when it all started to fall into shape. I have ‘found’ branches that I never previously knew about, and I have ‘met’ dozens and dozens of new relations, many of them giving me tantalizing snippets of information which have opened up whole new lines of research. It is an ongoing fascination that I love and which gives me such great enjoyment.

I have always had a love of history (particularly that of Britain) and now I have a lot more knowledge of my ancestors and their lives, and can see how it all fitted into the history we learnt about at school. No longer is it just a case of learning dates, dates and more dates but, in the autumn years of my life  it has come to life!

Although I have lived in Australia for over 50 years, all of my family history is in England and Wales, which, if truth be told, is where a very large portion of my heart still remains.  I have had many trips back ‘home’ over the years, and travelled extensively while there, so feel that I know much of the country very well.

No famous lines  (nor even infamous ones), that I have found so far, but my folks were ‘salt of the earth’ workers!  With the names Lea and Pickford being major branches, rumours abounded during my childhood of associations with the Lea of Lea & Perrins and the Pickford of removal fame….all now disproved, but  one ancestor became a Commander in the Royal Navy, although was only an ordinary seaman at the time of Nelson and the Battle of Waterloo.  He was captured for a year and held prisoner by the French, which must have been an ordeal, not only for him, but for his wife and family back in Greenwich too, who possibly didn’t even know what had happened to him! 

In another line one ancestor was busy building the boats of that time in the Naval Dockyards in Devonport, whilst other shipwrights in my family were building boats in Fowey.  One was sent to Bodmin Goal for bankruptcy when his boat building business in Fore Street, Fowey crumbled. 

A great grandfather was discovered to have had a bigamous marriage (possibly unknown to all of his children including my own grandmother), and my most recent ‘discovery’ was that of a gr. gr. grandmother in the Potteries, who, waiting for her husband to come home one evening, was sitting in front of the fire she had just built up, with her youngest child, a baby boy of 7 months in his crib alongside her  when a bar of the grate fell and a log rolled out catching fire to  her crinoline dress, as did the crib, and both she and her baby were both burned so badly it caused their deaths – the baby after 4 or 5 hours, and hers, three days later!

Indeed, my own family history is just as interesting as many that I have seen on WDYTYA!


Hello world!

November 6, 2009

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

Greetings to anyone reading this!  This  really is my very first blog ever, and I am currently

finding my way.  Hope to have it all worked out very soon so I can get on with everything

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